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How to become a member

In order to become a member of Societas Ethica, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Expertise in the field of ethics, usually at the level of a dissertation.

  2. Participation in at least one annual meeting.

  3. Support of one's application by two members of the Society.

The board of Societas Ethica will vote on applications for membership at its two annual meetings, which according to custom take place in conjunction with the annual meetings in August and in December.


This concerns the members of the Societas Ethica and is designed to help you, as a member, to honour your financial duty to the Society.

The annual fee is due, each year, from January onwards and to be paid during the first quarter of each year (until end of April). The Presidency appreciates your quick payment each year.

The annual fee is 60 €.

Options of Payment

There are several payment options that will be explained more in detail below. Paying by Paypal is not available because of very high fees.

  1. Payment by SEPA-Direct-Debit-Mandate

  2. Payment by wire transfer

  3. Payment by check

  4. Payment by cash at the annual conference

1. Payment by SEPA-Direct-Debit-Mandate

Within SEPA-area (SEPA: Single Euro Payments Area) the annual membership fee shall be debited automatically via SEPA-Direct-Debit-Mandate. Some hints concerning the use of SEPA-Direct-Debit-Mandate: In order to reduce organizational efforts and to ensure the timely collection of the membership fee, it shall be collected automatically via SEPA direct debit system from 2019 onwards at the end of the first quarter (end of April). We therefore ask you to use SEPA direct debit procedure, provided that you are in the SEPA area. Below you will find a prepared form and an English sample with hints for filling out the SEPA form. Please fill in the blank fields with your personal details and send it back to Societas Ethica by post or as a scanned file by e-mail.

2. Payment by wire transfer

Please use bank account details as indicated below and keep in mind that additional fees could be charged by your bank for the payment per wire transfer. It might be more convenient for you to use one of the following payment methods instead. 

3. Payment by check

There are two possible ways if you want to pay by check. Please read the requirements carefully!

a.     Check in Euro (€) with value 60 € with a German correspondence/intermediary bank. To use this option, to make out the check, please choose a bank that has a German correspondence bank (intermediary bank). Having a German correspondence bank enables the Societas Ethica to avoid additional fees when cashing in your check.

b.     Check in Euro (€) without a German correspondence bank: In this case, Societas Ethica will be charged a fee for cashing in your check. To compensate for this additional fee, please make out a check worth 70 € ( = 60€ (annual fee) + 10 € (fee for cashing in)) 

4. Payment in cash at the annual conference

You can furthermore pay your annual fee while checking in at the annual conference. Please consider that you have to pay the annual fee immediately at the registration at the venue and before conference starts. 

Account details for wire transfer:
Bank name: Evangelische Bank eG
IBAN: DE 05520604100105003288
Account holder: Societas Ethica / Arne Manzeschke
Address of the Bank:Evangelische Bank eG Kohlenstraße 132, 34121 Kassel